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Just stop, look at that pic, and really SEE what’s going on. In this week’s extreme holly movies, we have Extreme Holly and Sara swapping some spit. These 2 start out with some hot rubbing, and then moves right to some kissing. Before you know it, these girls are screaming at each other and filliing their mouths with spit… each other’s spit.

Some of you Extreme Holly Movies fans may not like this scene. It’s not as hardcore as her normal scenes, but there is something about it that is really… really hot. Maybe its the set of DD titties that both girls have. Maybe it has that naughty spit, but I wish it was cum, look to it. But whatever it is, this makes a fine addition to my gorwing collection of EXTREME HOLLY MOVIES!!!

Extreme Holly Gagging

What a doozie I have here. Although is isn’t a movie of Extreme Holly, these pics are VERY HIGH quality. In this movie Extreme Holly teaches her cute little friend how to really deep throat a hard dick. So much so that Extreme Holly makes her gag on the dick. It’s the hottest gag scene I have ever seen, and of course it’s even better when Holly is part of it. Her blonde friend is quite a looker as well. Not as big as Holly, but that is ok, I won’t hold it against her. Not everyone can be as hot as Holly.
So the hot lil blondie brings over her man to meet Extreme Holly. And you can tell that he won’t stop looking at Holly’s huge tits. I mean who wouldn’t, they are ginormous. But these 2 do get to have their way with this lucky dude. Holly teaches lil blondie how to gag. And I mean REALLY GAG… HARD. I swear there are almost like 4 times this cutie pukes, which is no stranger to Extreme Holly. There are several of her scene where she loses her cookies. But back to our scene. You can also tell that her dude is loving this. 2 chicks, one of them is the Porn Queen of Extreme Holly! When his time comes (no pun intended) he blasts all over these two. And his aim is more for Holly. But they both love the white seed, and end up with a little bit o’ cum swapping. I am sure this made his day. It sure made mine.

Extreme Holly and Extreme Alex

I love this picture of Extreme Holly. She looks fucking great here. I didn’t really want to just have HER in this pic because the gallery that it goes to has Extreme Holly AND Extreme Alex in it. But the pic of Extreme Holly was too damn good. And let me tell you that Extreme Alex looks hot as fuck in the pics here too. Extreme Alex is going to rock. She is just an nutty as Holly, and I am sure they will be working together a hell of a lot. Which will be 2x’s the insane! I know they aren’t movies, so some people may give me some shit, but the quality looks so sharp it makes these totally worth checking out. And plus they are fucking big pics. You can count the freckles on Holly’s chest, don’t think we didn’t notice. Well, the count is going down until the launch of Extreme Alex. I hope it happens soon!! I heard sometime in Novemeber, but who knows. I bet they want this one to be just as successful as Extreme Holly’s site, and I bet it will be!!!

And just cause I like you, here is a pic of Extreme Alex!!!

Extreme Alex Pic

Extreme Holly and Extreme Alex

Everyone seems to know about the hottest extreme star in porn right now. Extreme Holly!! Now, what if there was some SERIOUS competition. Meet Extreme Alex! She is the newest girl on the extreme side of porn. In fact she is so new her site isn’t even up yet. It will be soon though. Just so you can get a taste of what exactly Extreme Alex does, I found a gallery with Extreme Alex AND Extreme Holly in it. Lets just say this, lots of gagging, lots of naughty girl/girl action and some puking too. Check this one out.

Extreme Holly Movies

So let me start off by saying I am very excited about this next link! Extreme Holly and 3 other girls! One of them being Extreme Alex! The remaining 2, I am not sure who they are, but they are smoking hot. And extreme to the maxx.

For some reason, the pink haired chick just does it for me. It is almost cartoon-ie. Which I love. And she has that hardcore goth look. The fishnets, the hair, the makeup… all do it for me man. If you take a close look you will see Extreme Alex in there as well. She has the long blonde curls. Hot as fuck too. Just as crazy as Holly too. Different body, I like HOlly’s more, but Alex is packing too. And now on to the bleach blonde goth chick. SHe is pretty hot too, has that bondage actio working, but is my least favorite of the 4. But that is in no way a bad thing. It’e like saying my four favorite cars are a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Lambo, and a Mercedes. The bleach blondie is my mercedes. That’s a perfect analogy. I would rather have the first 3, but if you get the Merc, you are still on top of the world!

So knowing Holly, you will be damn sure there is some gagging, almost some puking and a lot of hard core straop-on action. This has to be one of her hotter scenes. I also got to talk to the site owners and they gave me a peek into their site. If you are even remotely interested, there is no reason for you NOT to join! They have it all, no seaching P2P bull shit, no fake links etc etc. It’s all there for you, reasonably priced and ready for download. Without further wait.. Here is Holly!

Extreme Holly Movies

WRAP IT UP. Extreme Holly gets completely wrapped up in clear wrap for this movie. How the hell can she even breathe. This has to go down as one of the best Extreme Holly movies of all time. And as if the wrapping wasn’t enough, they have to tag her up too. Marker all over LOL. But that’s what makes her so damn nutty. Extreme Holly, you are the queen of extreme!!!

Extreme Holly

Another off-the-hook Extreme Holly movie! This time she brings in her friend Erin Moore. The two get down and dirty right off the bat. No fucking around. No pre-game (football season is here). So Extreme Holly straps on her strap-on and takes Erin to town. Screaming, orgasmining and begging for more!

Extreme Holly
Damn. Here is another crazy Extreme Holly movie. In this one she gets severly punished… and what is her punishment you ask? Gagging! Extreme gagging! The kind where the girl almost gets choked out because it’s so extreme. Everything seems to start out ok for Extreme Holly and then it takes a turn. She ends up in the shower, a filthly mess, but by the look on her face you can tell she loved every minute of it.

Extreme Holly
Let me introduce everyone to Extreme Holly. She is the craziest porn chick on the web right now. I mean no one tops the shit that Holly does.
In this particular scene, Extreme Holly and Lisa Sparks take on a well hung black fella. They take turns holding each other down, while the other takes the pounding of her life. I hope you like this one…. Another comes tomorrow.