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Extreme Holly Toothbrush
I always find it more fun to masturbate with things that are not meant to be used in my pussy. I think a lot of people are like this. Being the internet’s most extreme solo girl, EXTREME HOLLY, I am always thinking outside the box. Maybe not so much using things in their pussy, but using something that is meant to do something else. So many times we let advertisers make us think we need a million tools to do a million things. But there are so many multi uses for one single item. How about those uber expensive vibrating toothbrushes. They make your mouth feel so nice and clean, but they can also make you feel very very dirty. So one day, I decided to fuck myself with my vibrating toothbrush. Don’t worry, I rinsed it when I was done. And then let a friend use it the next day to brush her teeth. I hope she liked the taste and I hope you like it too!
XOXO – Extreme Holly
Extreme Holly Toothbrush 2

Extreme Holly
I was making some fansigns for members of ExtremeGirlForum and using all different colors. Wait, you probably don’t know what a fan sign is? Just like the name says… it’s a special sign that I make for my fans. Sorta like those signs you see when you watch pro wrestling on TV. I LOVE pro wrestling. Anyway the signs might say something like “Hey Tom in Tampa, I wish you were here fucking me! – Love Extreme Holly. So I got the idea of seeing how many markers I could stuff in my pussy. I started slow cause I was a little scared. I didn’t want any ink to drip out in my pussy. But after a while I got more comfortable and got nearly a dozen markers in my pussy. Pretty funny. You KNOW I pretended that each marker was actually the member and really had some fun with this one! And I hope you imagined what it would be like if your dick was inside of Extreme Holly! Lucky markers!

Extreme Holly