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Another one of Extreme Holly‘s first scenes. I can remember it well, a cucumber was calling my name from the fridge. It was cold, thick and huge. I really wanted a huge cock down my throat, but the cucumber would do for now. I managed to deep throat the cucumber and get spit everywhere. I never have had something this big and thick in my mouth before. I loved every minute of it. It made me realize what being EXTREME HOLLY was all about. From there I shoved the cucumber in my shaved pussy. It barely even fit. I loved the way it filled out my tight pussy. Then proceeded to finish with shoving it up my tight ass for quite the orgasm. I loved the feel of it in my ass. It was almost too much for me. I had to stop before I ended up jumping on my camera man, and fucking him!

XOXO- Holly

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Extreme Holly Gagging

What a doozie I have here. Although is isn’t a movie of Extreme Holly, these pics are VERY HIGH quality. In this movie Extreme Holly teaches her cute little friend how to really deep throat a hard dick. So much so that Extreme Holly makes her gag on the dick. It’s the hottest gag scene I have ever seen, and of course it’s even better when Holly is part of it. Her blonde friend is quite a looker as well. Not as big as Holly, but that is ok, I won’t hold it against her. Not everyone can be as hot as Holly.
So the hot lil blondie brings over her man to meet Extreme Holly. And you can tell that he won’t stop looking at Holly’s huge tits. I mean who wouldn’t, they are ginormous. But these 2 do get to have their way with this lucky dude. Holly teaches lil blondie how to gag. And I mean REALLY GAG… HARD. I swear there are almost like 4 times this cutie pukes, which is no stranger to Extreme Holly. There are several of her scene where she loses her cookies. But back to our scene. You can also tell that her dude is loving this. 2 chicks, one of them is the Porn Queen of Extreme Holly! When his time comes (no pun intended) he blasts all over these two. And his aim is more for Holly. But they both love the white seed, and end up with a little bit o’ cum swapping. I am sure this made his day. It sure made mine.