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Damn, again with me not posting in too long of a time. Oh well, I am sorry. That is the best I can do. Well wait, I can do a little better. Like this Extreme Holly movie!

Extreme Holly and Taryn Thomas

Who is this with Extreme Holly? None other than the AVN nominee for newcomer of the year, along with 5 others. So Extreme Holly should be very happy to have such a fun co-star for this one. From the looks of it, they had a LOT of fun. Tayrn comes over to Extreme Holly’s place for some fun. So fun is what Extreme Holly will give her. After a spell of touching and kissing, which is extremely hot when these 2 are involved, they move on to some toy play. Extreme Holly gags Taryn with a big black dildo. So much so that Taryn’s eyes are watering so much, her make-up is smeared all over her face. Poor girl.

Extreme Holly and Taryn

So as an extra surprise, the black dildo is fastened onto a strap on device which Extreme Holly is wearing. Holly gets Taryn’s hot g-string panties off and begins to fuck Tayrn. Tayrn loves it so much she cums 2 times from Extreme Holly fucking her. I am sure I would do the same though. Holly really does a great job too. Again if I was fucking Taryn, I am sure I would only last a few minutes.

As a small side note, I must say that Holly is looking better and better each scene. She is a great starlet and entertains me beyond any other porno girl out there. My dream would be that Extreme Holly herself would check out this blog, and like what she sees.

Extreme Holly and Spring Thomas Pic

It has been a long time, 5 days to be exact since I have posted. A lot has happened in that time. I have been very busy with an array of different things. The best one being, finding this Extreme Holly movie. In this movie, Extreme Holly has one of her friends over to help with a scene. The famous Spring Thomas. They look so good together don’t they? I am sure you have heard of Spring, right? The interracial only teen! Enough about her, this is an Extreme Holly blog!

Extreme Holly starts out by having her face written on with bright red lipstick. Arrows to be exact. Where do they point you ask? Why to her pie hole of course… well, her mouth for those of you who may get the 2 pie holes confused. Spring scribbles arrows all over Extreme Holly’s face. I guess this is to help the male talent find where a good place to insert his dick would be. Whatever helps.

This movie is starting to sound like it is going to end up a standard blowjob clip. Remember, this is EXTREME HOLLY though. There is a reason for the name Extreme. The reason here is because of the face fucking she receives from a random black fella. Her face gets ravaged by a black 9 incher. Hard! All those popular gagging noises are there, and Holly looks extra hot when she makes them.

The 3rd movie in this series shows Holly taking a huge load of black seed to her pie hole. Instead of swallowing it right away, she has a little fun with it. You know, a little cum play. It’s hot too. I have heard of Holly even snorting cum. That goes a little too far in my book, but still, to get that Extreme in front of your name, you need to do some crazy stuff. In this scene, Extreme Holly earns it all.

Erin and Holly

When I see this pic all I can think of is:
“hush lil baby, don’t say a word”

But boy is it the total opposite. The more noise the better in this scene. Well that is only after Holly woke a very sleepy Erin. You see Erin and Extreme Holly had a very rough night the other night. Holly recovers quicker and decides to play a lil joke on Erin. SO…. while Erin is sleeping, Holly sneaks into her room, drags her off her own bed and throat fucks her with a 24″ double headed dildo. Not I could stop his post here, but that would be very boring, so let’s get into details.

When she first sneaks into Erin’s room, Holly is sure not to make a sound. Until the big surpise. What’s that you ask? Well, she grabs Erin, and starts screaming at her as loud as possible. And then drags her lazy ass out of bed. The whole time degrading Erin, telling her about how big of a whore she is, etc etc. And Holly pulls out the dildo. The big boy dildo. And just goes to town on Erin. Beating her with it like it’s a night club. And Erin finally starts waking up and getting into it. So she grabs the dildo from Erin and starts to throat fuck HER with it. To the point of the Extreme Holly standard of puking. They trade spots and now Holly gets to do the throat fucking. And the same thing. Holly fucks Erin’s throat so hard with it that Erin pukes. I mean now things are really starting to get messy. Just when you think this cannot get any worse, they start forcing each other to lick the cum off of the sheets. This isn’t your straight watery spit puke either. This shit is bright yellow. Like scrambled eggs, and orange juice. Yah it’s that colorful…

Extreme Holly Gagging

Extreme Holly is a babe! And in this movie she is extra dolled up. Who ever did her make-up in this nasty scene, did a damn good job. And let me take a few minutes to say how great Holly’s tits are looking. They are huge, I heard F’s but that may be an exaggeration. At any rate, they are A+ in my book.
The blonde chick, who I am not sure is, isn’t too bad. Her tits are nice, but sort of fall sort when she is standing next to Holly. But all in all her body really isn’t too bad.

So now that I gave you my opinions on the girls here, lets get to the scene. Now I love girl/girl scenes. And this one is no exception. They start out with the intimiate kissing. Which is hot. Nothing like 2 girls pretending to be in love, to please a man LOL. And they move to some touching. The tits are a big playtime factor in this extreme holly movie. Her “F’s” and her friends d’s are nice to watch bounce around and be played with.

Next we move onto the toys. Which is where this gets really interesting! Not your everday dildo, or something generic. But some pantyhose. And you will never guess where they end up. BUT it is fun.
Okay no on to the part I am not sure of. The puking. 2 hot chicks, naked, huge boobs, and then…. puke. I don’t get into this stuff very much. But there are 100’s who do. I will have to talk woth them and see what is so fascinating in seeing what a porn star had for lunch. BUT to each his own I suppose. I hope you enjoy this Extreme Holly Movie!