Extreme Holly Toothbrush
I always find it more fun to masturbate with things that are not meant to be used in my pussy. I think a lot of people are like this. Being the internet’s most extreme solo girl, EXTREME HOLLY, I am always thinking outside the box. Maybe not so much using things in their pussy, but using something that is meant to do something else. So many times we let advertisers make us think we need a million tools to do a million things. But there are so many multi uses for one single item. How about those uber expensive vibrating toothbrushes. They make your mouth feel so nice and clean, but they can also make you feel very very dirty. So one day, I decided to fuck myself with my vibrating toothbrush. Don’t worry, I rinsed it when I was done. And then let a friend use it the next day to brush her teeth. I hope she liked the taste and I hope you like it too!
XOXO – Extreme Holly
Extreme Holly Toothbrush 2

Extreme Holly
I was making some fansigns for members of ExtremeGirlForum and using all different colors. Wait, you probably don’t know what a fan sign is? Just like the name says… it’s a special sign that I make for my fans. Sorta like those signs you see when you watch pro wrestling on TV. I LOVE pro wrestling. Anyway the signs might say something like “Hey Tom in Tampa, I wish you were here fucking me! – Love Extreme Holly. So I got the idea of seeing how many markers I could stuff in my pussy. I started slow cause I was a little scared. I didn’t want any ink to drip out in my pussy. But after a while I got more comfortable and got nearly a dozen markers in my pussy. Pretty funny. You KNOW I pretended that each marker was actually the member and really had some fun with this one! And I hope you imagined what it would be like if your dick was inside of Extreme Holly! Lucky markers!

Extreme Holly

Extreme Holly Movies - Working Out

You guys know how hard I workout and so I figured it would be cool to take you along on one of my morning workouts. I convinced my camera girl to get up extra early and come with me to film me showing you a circuit training routine. Watch me get all hot and sweaty on the different machines… I even pop out a titty and flash you my shaved pussy too! This is one workout video that will make you want to join me at the gym.

XOXO – Extreme Holly

Extreme Holly Showing Some Puss

Favorite Female Pornstar: Bella Donna
Favorite Male Pornstar: Nacho Vidal
Favorite Vehicle: Hummer H2
Favorite Colors: Black, Green and Baby Blue
Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Office Space, Fight Club, Along Came Polly, Cinderella Man
Favorite Books: He’s Just Not That Into You; Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs; Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Fight Club
Favorite Animals: Horses, Llamas, Dobermans, and Cats
3 Must-Have Items: Flavored lip-gloss, Tinted Moisturizer, Caffeine
I’d Like to Meet: Angelina Jolie and Vin Diesel
Favorite Things to Do: Working Out, Shopping, Laughing, Writing, Traveling, Reading and Surfing the Internet
Music I Like: Paul Oakenfold, ATB, Old Metallica, Megadeth, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Steely Dan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Miles Davis, Dave Matthews Band, 50 Cent and Michael Bolton (okay not really Michael Bolton)
Places I’d Like to Go: New York, Hawaii, Spain, Amsterdam, Ireland and Kenya

Sexual Preference: Very Bi-Sexual!
Favorite Sex Position: Doggy-Style
Sexual Fetishes: Men in fishnet shirts and eyeliner, Men and Women in uniform, Gag videos with lots of running mascara and Gay Porn just to name a few!
Fave Lube: Eros
Fave Condoms: Flavored because I like to put them on with my mouth
My Kind of Guy Is: educated, diverse, makes me laugh, is creative, owns a gun, has tattoos, is bald or wears his hair in a Mohawk or faux hawk, works out, likes to travel, wears shitty clothes but also knows how to dress to kill, likes Monty Python, likes to have sex at least six times per day, has a car, a cell phone and does not live with his mom.
My Kind of Girl Is: smart, cultured, worldly, has a good sense of humor, plays an instrument, is athletic, has long hair, can speak 2 languages (one of them being dirty), dresses in her own style, knows how to cook, adventurous and daring, likes the outdoors and the beach, is romantic, compassionate, low-maintenance and a non-drama queen.

So, I am sure you are wondering how I got into this industry, and became Extreme Holly, because everyone asks, so I will give you all a bit of history on how Extreme Holly was born. My first job was when I was fifteen and I worked at a lodge up in the mountains as a hostess, after snowboarding season was over, so was my job. So me being still in high school I took a job as a waitress at this mom and pop Italian restaurant, quit that after 3 years and started working in the catering department at a resort, then came college.

I was studying sports medicine and law in school, but my past three jobs were in the hospitality industry, so go figure I end up getting promoted at the hotel to their event coordinator. Four years later I decided I hated stress of coordinating events of 1,000 people and really hated my boss, so I went back to my roots and took a much better high paying job in a law office and also obtained my real estate license.

To make a really long story short I hate Corporate America, I hate wearing a suit every day, I got in trouble repeatedly for sexual harassment, had sex with a few married guys on my desk after hours, and I resigned after numerous chats with H.R. before I got fired.

The next day I woke up and panicked because I had resigned from my “day job” and realized I did not want to pursue my career in real estate either because the economy sucked and the market was very soft so. . . I packed up 3 bags of clothes, 1 bag of shoes, some food a few must-haves and took a road trip from Downtown Seattle, to Palm Springs, to Phoenix Arizona. I never stopped driving and went straight through, never turned back. Three days after living in a crap hotel in Arizona I met a girl at the gym, moved into her apartment, started working as a cocktail waitress at a Baja Cantina, and it was there I met this girl named Deja.

Deja was a porn star. She invited me to a shoot with her and I drove her there that day just to hang out. That lead into me meeting an agent and tons of photographers which were attacking me wanting me to strip my clothes off so they could take pictures and well, being me *surprise* I took my clothes off for some pictures.

The day escalated into a model flaking out for one of her shoots (which happens every day in this industry) so guess who they asked to fill in, me! At first I said NO WAY ! But a few shots of Grey Goose changed my mind and about 20 minutes later I was going through wardrobe with the photographers and masturbating in front of two guys and two cameras.

Now I eat, sleep and drink porn and love life. I have worked in the industry now for exactly one year and three months, I hope you all will stick around and can experience all these crazy adventures with me!

Love Holly


This scene ended in me snorting cum off of a table with a $20 bill and has made me famous to this day, for being the “queen of extreme”. Not only did I snort jizz like a line of blow, but I let three guys throat fuck me violently and abuse the shit out of me. Two of the guys came on my face nearly at the same time, so I decided to do something a little special with load #3. You will love this scene. Another Extreme Holly first!

XOXO – Extreme Holly


Lee just moved here from Tennessee and claims he thinks he is gay. Well – gay is great, but being me I think I can convert him of course. I cruise in my convertible to his place and pick him up; under one condition, he fulfills my toilet bowl fetish. We get back to my place, strip and woo-hoo Lee gets a boner. I let him fuck my face and he makes me gag and puke in the toilet. I begged him to fuck me doggy-style with my head through the toilet bowl and he comes through, next thing you know I am riding him reverse cowgirl so hard on the toilet I rip the towel rack off the wall. Lee cums in my mouth while I fishhook myself and he tastes like pineapple juice!
XOXO – Extreme Holly

Holly Pudding 1 Holly Puddin 2

So, I came home from my office job today and was exhausted. All day I deal with mother fuckers who are rude, think they’re god’s gift to the world and just plain retarded. All I wanted to do is take a shower, get cleaned up and maybe watch a few Extreme Holly movies or something. I watch my own movies so I can get better in each new one I make. It sounds silly, but I like to try and be the best at whatever I do. So I am getting ready to take a shower and I go to grab myself a towel and surprise! My camera guys had left me not one, but two bowls of J-e-l-l-o Pudding as some sort of prank. I said fuck it! I am making pudding my bitch and making a fucking mess! So a huge mess I made. The only thing that was missing was a hot man to share it with. Why weren’t you there?!

XOXO- Extreme Holly

Holly Puddin 3 Holly puddin 4

100.jpg holly11.jpg
Little does anyone know here I am Extreme Holly. I go cruising around looking to meet some hottie because I really need to get laid. I stop and chat with this guy who is getting his mail and told him I was going to pass out if I didn’t get some water. He invites me over and I meet his girlfriend. To make a long story short as his slave girlfriend is getting me water, I manage to quickly shove his cock in my mouth, his girlfriend comes in and is mad at first but then she joins in. There’s quite a twist at the end, lets just say us girls end up locking Mr. Boring in the closet.
XOXO- Extreme Holly

cucumber1.jpg | cucumber2.jpg

Another one of Extreme Holly‘s first scenes. I can remember it well, a cucumber was calling my name from the fridge. It was cold, thick and huge. I really wanted a huge cock down my throat, but the cucumber would do for now. I managed to deep throat the cucumber and get spit everywhere. I never have had something this big and thick in my mouth before. I loved every minute of it. It made me realize what being EXTREME HOLLY was all about. From there I shoved the cucumber in my shaved pussy. It barely even fit. I loved the way it filled out my tight pussy. Then proceeded to finish with shoving it up my tight ass for quite the orgasm. I loved the feel of it in my ass. It was almost too much for me. I had to stop before I ended up jumping on my camera man, and fucking him!

XOXO- Holly

cucumber3.jpg | cucumber4.jpg

Extreme Holly Masturbates with a Banana | Extreme Holly Masturbates with a Banana

Well, I got some new green lingerie and was feeling sexy. Being Extreme Holly, I wanted to masturbate and was bored of my toys and have always wondered what a banana would feel like. I started out slow and worked the banana into my pussy until it got warm. I fucked my pussy good with the banana and at the end decided to get rough with it, chewed it up and spit it all over my breasts and made a huge mess here! Nothing too crazy for Holly though. I hope you guys enjoy it!

XOXO- Extreme Holly

Extreme Holly Masturbates with a Banana | Extreme Holly Masturbates with a Banana

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