Holly Pudding 1 Holly Puddin 2

So, I came home from my office job today and was exhausted. All day I deal with mother fuckers who are rude, think they’re god’s gift to the world and just plain retarded. All I wanted to do is take a shower, get cleaned up and maybe watch a few Extreme Holly movies or something. I watch my own movies so I can get better in each new one I make. It sounds silly, but I like to try and be the best at whatever I do. So I am getting ready to take a shower and I go to grab myself a towel and surprise! My camera guys had left me not one, but two bowls of J-e-l-l-o Pudding as some sort of prank. I said fuck it! I am making pudding my bitch and making a fucking mess! So a huge mess I made. The only thing that was missing was a hot man to share it with. Why weren’t you there?!

XOXO- Extreme Holly

Holly Puddin 3 Holly puddin 4